Upgrade Your Kitchen to Cook Like a Professional Chef

Cooking like a chef at home requires talent and practice. But there’s no doubt about it – having the right culinary tools, appliances and prep space is essential, too. To upgrade your kitchen so that you can cook like a chef, consider the following:

Prep Like a Pro

Save time and energy and get a cleaner cut by maintaining your knives. Properly clean, dry and store knives directly after use and regularly sharpen them. Whether that’s on a magnetic strip on the wall or an indrawer organizer, the best options will allow you to see all your knives at once so you can reach for the correct one. Precision slicing? You may also wish to invest in a mandoline.

Bake a lot? Consider ditching the measuring cups by using a digital scale instead. You’ll get faster, more accurate results. And the bonus of less to clean-up.

Cook Like a Pro

When it comes to ensuring that there are no limits to what you can do in the kitchen, it’s all about having topnotch appliances. Check out the Pro Series Collection of free-standing ranges from ILVE. Known for their handcrafted Italian appliances, the new series offers chef quality features such as a removable griddle, high BTU brass burners and a built-in warm drawer to keep cooked food at an ideal temperature for serving. Available in a 36-inch single or unique double oven configuration as well as 40-inch and 48-inch sizes with double ovens, the electric ovens feature multi-function cooking options and included rotisserie accessory.

The Pro Series is equipped with features that professional chefs dream of at a price point that the home culinarian can afford. Offered in stainless steel and matte graphite colors, you can get a professional style cooking experience while maintaining the sleek design of your kitchen.

Move Like a Pro

Do an audit of your current cooking habits, bearing in mind the layout of your kitchen and the organization of goto ingredients. Are you expending time and energy walking all the way around the kitchen island just to get to the fridge? Are you spending too much time poking around for a particular spice or oil? The optimal flow in your kitchen space will allow for more intuitive food preparation and help you stay light on your feet.

Want to cook like a professional? Update your kitchen accordingly. A few upgrades can help you become a better chef.


Over the course of 4 years, Alison Green and the team at Jackson Design and Remodeling worked tirelessly on a custom home project for their clients in a quaint town near San Diego. The venture, affectionately named “Colorful Originality,” required the team to build a home from nearly the ground up while still preserving the historically protected features of the property.

“We met the clients in mid-2014, designed the entire home over the course of a couple months, and submitted drawings to the city,” Alison told us. However, after waiting months to hear back from the city, it was revealed that the home was designated historical. “In this case,” Green explained, “our original design did not work as we were proposing to tear down most of the house and start from scratch.” Green and her team went back to the drawing board to redesign, keeping the current walls and windows intact.

4 years later, Green’s clients have the home – and kitchen – of their dreams. The kitchen features beautiful mosaic floor patterns, striking wood cabinetry, and an ILVE Majestic 48” Dual Fuel Range in stainless steel with brass trim and decorative scroll feet.

“Each room of the home has unique elements it’s hard to categorize in one style,” Green told us of her design, “We kept the 1920’s Spanish Revival architecture as much as possible, but of course put a modern spin on the interior.” The eclectic yet traditional style of the home is effortlessly carried into the kitchen with the help of the brass details and scroll feet of the ILVE range.

Brass, Green says, is a very popular trend in interior design, “It can be polished or brushed, but lots of brass accents have been popular in plumbing fixtures, accessories, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures.”

While working on the kitchen design Green explains, “Our clients saw the range in a magazine and really liked the look of it – they weren’t afraid of making bold choices.” Her clients never saw the range in person, but simply knew it was the right choice to complete their home.

“When we first met the clients, they had no kids and four dachshunds,” Green says. Now, along with their dachshunds and dream home, they have two sons. By putting a unique modern spin on traditional Spanish Revival architecture, Green and her team at Jackson Design and Remodeling created the perfect home for these California natives.

Thank you Alison Green for sharing your design story with us!

Top Cooking Tips from Around The World

Looking for some fresh new ways to spice up your cooking? Whether you’re looking too add in a healthy alternative or just need some general cooking advice we have the scoop for you. Check out our tips and tricks from our customers, top chefs and celebrities all over the world that will help kick your cooking up a notch.

Keep Tasting It!

“While it seems like such an obvious trick, my mom would always tell me to make sure to try my food to ensure it tastes good. As a chef, it is important to taste everything all the time at every stage of the cooking process.” – Lean Cohen on today.com

Don’t Cry Over Onions

“Put onions in ice water for 10 minutes before cutting them; this prevents them from causing your eyes to water.” – Angel Leon on Style Caster

Be Adventurous 

“Don’t be afraid to swap and substitute—have fun in the kitchen! Experiment and share! Make it a fun adventure.” – Lyza Joe on Verona Appliances Facebook

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with a Healthy Twist

“To make your desserts healthier, replace ¾ of the cream that the recipe outlines with whisked egg whites (which you will delicately blend with the remaining amount of cream). It will make your desserts light, airy and exquisite.” – Michael Guerard on Vougue.com

Keep the Skin On Your Potatoes

“The secret behind making a great mash for me personally, is keeping the skins on. The skins protect the potatoes, therefore it doesn’t absorb all that water.” – Gordon Ramsay on Buzzfeed

Use Olive Oil to Prevent Free Radicals

“Use olive oil which is an oil that doesn’t oxidize easily or create free radicals as easily as other oils can.” – Christine Cushing on Setting for Four

Take Your Time

“A lot of people rush their cooking. When they are browning meat for chili I watch them stir it around and around every few seconds. Instead, get your pan hot, add your meat and once it’s covering the bottom of the pan make a small hole to let the moisture out and let it sit until all of the moisture evaporates. Once there is no more, stir it to flip it and let the remaining liquid evaporate. Once all the moisture is gone add the remaining ingredients to the dish. Try it and see the difference – no fat rising to the top if the dish sits and it’ll never has a dry taste because the meat is able to absorb all the flavor. – Chef John Caiola on ILVE USA Instagram

Stack Your Pancakes The Right Way

“Piled high, flapjacks will become soggy, as the stack prevents steam from evaporating. You can solve this problem by warming them in a signal layer on baking sheets. To avoid driving out the pancakes, warm them for no more than half an hour. You could also use a two-burner griddle, which will shorten your overall cooking –and warming-time.” –Martha Stewart on MarthaStewart.com

Layer The Flavors

“Try not to add all of the ingredients at once. It does make a difference. Most raw foods have a significant amount of water apart from the flavor components. By treating each component separately, we are better able to manipulate the individual characteristics of the ingredients.” – Tony Nogales on HuffingtonPost.com

Add a Splash of Olive Oil

“Invest in a bottle of high-quality olive oil. Just a small drizzle can really bring out the flavor of pizza, mozzarella, pasta, fish and meat.” – Nancy Silverton on Buzzfeed

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Modern Italian Design for the Masses: ILVE Introduces the Pro Series

ILVE introduces the Pro Series to their line of free-standing dual fuel ranges. A sleek, modern design and a sharp price point matched with ILVE’s superior quality ensure that this is no ordinary kitchen appliance. The new line flaunts chef quality features including a removable griddle, high BTU brass burners and a built-in warm drawer to keep cooked food at an ideal temperature for serving.

The ILVE Pro series is available in a 36” single or unique double oven configuration as well as an exclusive 40” & 48” size with double ovens. The electric ovens feature multi-function cooking options and built-in rotisserie accessories for a truly professional-style cooking experience. The triple pane glass doors ensure the outside of the oven doors maintain a safer to touch temperature while effectively trapping heat to conserve more energy.

“Expanding ILVE’s line of free-standing ranges gives consumers even more ability to find an appliance to best suit their cooking, design and budget needs,” says Melissa Haber, Vice President for EuroChef USA. “The ILVE Pro Series flaunts a modern style while encompassing all of the most desirable cooking features for the home chef at a sharp price point.”

Offered in two colors, stainless steel & matte graphite, the Pro Series features spindle legs, tubular style knobs and handles and a digital clock and timer.

Other Details:

  • Available in 36” single oven, 36” double oven, 40” double oven and 48” double oven options
  • Offered in Stainless Steel and Matte Graphite colors
  • Equipped with High BTU Brass Burners, including one Dual Triple Ring Burner
  • Features easy clean oven cavities
  • 24” depth with a 2” extended standard backguard to reach an overall 25.5” depth
  • Digital programmable clock & timer
  • UMRP starting at $4,299 for the 36” Single Oven in Stainless Steel

ILVE Returns to NYC for the AD Design Show

ILVE Appliances returns to New York City once again for the 17th annual Architectural Digest Design Show. From March 22-25, ILVE will be showcasing their newest collections to approximately 40,000 guests and design enthusiasts during the annual showcase for luxury and design.

Below is a preview of the innovative collections that will be on display at the ILVE booth #279 this year.

NEW! ILVE Majestic II Collection

The new ILVE Majestic II Collection features all of the elements customers know and love from the long-standing favorite Majestic collection with upgrades for style and efficiency. New features include a new clock with digital touch control for cooking mode and temperature selection. Oven cavities are now larger and packed with bonus features such as dual halogen lights, added rack positions, a diagonal rotisserie and temperature probe. The new warming drawer features thermostatic control to keep food at an ideal temperature for serving. From the Majestic II Collection, ILVE will be showcasing a 36” Induction Range in Gloss Black with Brass Trim,  40” Induction Range in Midnight Blue with Chrome Trim and 36” Dual Fuel Range in Romato with Brass and Bronze Mixed Metal Trim.

NEW! ILVE Majestic Solid Door Range

ILVE adds even more ways to customize their award winning ranges with a new, traditionally inspired solid door option for the ILVE Majestic collection. The new solid door range is completely windowless and features a decorative country-style handrail on the oven door. ILVE will be showcasing a 40” Majestic Solid Door Range in Stainless Steel with Brass Trim at the show.

NEW! ILVE Pro Series Range

ILVE introduces the ILVE Pro Series to their line of free-standing dual fuel ranges. A sleek, modern design and a sharp price point matched with ILVE’s superior quality ensure that this is no ordinary kitchen appliance. The new line flaunts chef quality features including a removable griddle, high BTU brass burners and a built-in warm drawer to keep cooked food at an ideal temperature for serving. From the Pro Series, ILVE will be showcasing a 36” Double Oven Range in Matte Graphite and a 48” Double Oven Range in Stainless Steel.

ILVE Majestic Collection

The ILVE Majestic line of ranges is available in both dual fuel and all gas (30” & 36” only). The ranges are offered in five standard American sizes including 60”, 48”, 40”, 36”& 30” with both single and double oven options available. The line is fully customizable with seven standard colors, over 200 RAL Colors, three trim options and four leg options allowing for a wide range of choices for personalization. Additionally, ILVE Majestic Ranges are equipped with green energy features, triple-pane glass doors for better heat insulation and an 8-minute electric oven preheat to 350° – the fastest in the industry. From the Majestic collection ILVE will be showcasing a 36” Dual Fuel Range in RAL 5014 Pigeon Blue with Mixed Metal Brass & Chrome Trim, 48” Range in True White with Chrome Trim and 60” Range in RAL 5020 with Chrome Trim.

ILVE Nostalgie Collection

The ILVE Nostalgie line of ranges is available in a powerful all gas configuration. The ranges are offered in three standard American sizes including a compact 24”, 30” and 36” all with a 24” depth. The line is customizable with eight standard colors and more than 200 Classic RAL Colors. The ranges come complete with an upper handrail, digital clock & timer, pre-heat indicator, hearth shaped window, tubular legs and a full width storage/warming drawer. ILVE will be featuring the compact 24” gas range in True White with a brass trim at the show.

ILVE Gas Cooktop Collection

ILVE Gas cooktops are fully equipped with the exclusive ILVE removable griddle, which allows for endless food prep options. Each cooktop includes individual precision burner controls, a flame failure safety cutout device, one-touch electronic ignition, a triple ring burner, cast iron heavy-duty grates, matte black burner caps and stainless steel knobs. ILVE will be featuring a 48” drop-in cooktop at the show.

About The Architectural Digest Design Show:

The annual Architectural Digest Design Show brings together the top residential and hospitality finds from over 400 brands. From furniture, accessories, lighting and art, to kitchen, bath, building products, hardware, and flooring, the show boasts offerings by both independent makers and established manufacturers. Held at Pier 94 in New York, the experience includes insider access to seminar programs headlined by design world luminaries, as well as exciting culinary demonstrations, stunning installations, and VIP industry events, such as DIFFA’s DINING BY DESIGN (co-located at neighboring Pier 92).

ILVE RAL Custom Color Makes A Bold Impact in a Charlotte Kitchen Remodel

When it came to designing this Charlotte, NC kitchen, Karen Kettler from Karen Kettler Designs and her client opted for a traditional open layout with one twist – a pro-style range with a bold impact.

During the first design meeting the client expressed her desire for a range that was both aesthetically pleasing and available in a unique color. Together they chose a 36″ ILVE Majestic Range in RAL Color 1027, Curry with Brass Trim.

“We were delighted that ILVE Appliances could produce any color on the RAL color wheel on such a short lead time,” says Karen.

Karen prides herself on taking a collaborative approach with her clients, encouraging them to start with the most loved element and evolving the design from there. “For this project, the range was the love,” says Karen.

This kitchen renovation required knocking down walls to combine an unused dining room with the existing kitchen for an open floor plan. A large, blue colored middle island was installed which perfectly complemented the range. Brass cabinet hardware and fixtures were used throughout the space for a clean, modern look.

“The blue island with gold-toned accents is definitely trending right now,” explains Karen. “As a kitchen and bath designer, it’s a treat to create a space with a big adventure for color!”

For more information on ILVE’s award winning RAL Custom Color Program, click here.

Thank you to Karen Kettler Designs for sharing their ILVE kitchen. Photos courtesy of Joe Purvis.