Upgrade Your Kitchen to Cook Like a Professional Chef

Cooking like a chef at home requires talent and practice. But there’s no doubt about it – having the right culinary tools, appliances and prep space is essential, too. To upgrade your kitchen so that you can cook like a chef, consider the following:

Prep Like a Pro

Save time and energy and get a cleaner cut by maintaining your knives. Properly clean, dry and store knives directly after use and regularly sharpen them. Whether that’s on a magnetic strip on the wall or an indrawer organizer, the best options will allow you to see all your knives at once so you can reach for the correct one. Precision slicing? You may also wish to invest in a mandoline.

Bake a lot? Consider ditching the measuring cups by using a digital scale instead. You’ll get faster, more accurate results. And the bonus of less to clean-up.

Cook Like a Pro

When it comes to ensuring that there are no limits to what you can do in the kitchen, it’s all about having topnotch appliances. Check out the Pro Series Collection of free-standing ranges from ILVE. Known for their handcrafted Italian appliances, the new series offers chef quality features such as a removable griddle, high BTU brass burners and a built-in warm drawer to keep cooked food at an ideal temperature for serving. Available in a 36-inch single or unique double oven configuration as well as 40-inch and 48-inch sizes with double ovens, the electric ovens feature multi-function cooking options and included rotisserie accessory.

The Pro Series is equipped with features that professional chefs dream of at a price point that the home culinarian can afford. Offered in stainless steel and matte graphite colors, you can get a professional style cooking experience while maintaining the sleek design of your kitchen.

Move Like a Pro

Do an audit of your current cooking habits, bearing in mind the layout of your kitchen and the organization of goto ingredients. Are you expending time and energy walking all the way around the kitchen island just to get to the fridge? Are you spending too much time poking around for a particular spice or oil? The optimal flow in your kitchen space will allow for more intuitive food preparation and help you stay light on your feet.

Want to cook like a professional? Update your kitchen accordingly. A few upgrades can help you become a better chef.


Over the course of 4 years, Alison Green and the team at Jackson Design and Remodeling worked tirelessly on a custom home project for their clients in a quaint town near San Diego. The venture, affectionately named “Colorful Originality,” required the team to build a home from nearly the ground up while still preserving the historically protected features of the property.

“We met the clients in mid-2014, designed the entire home over the course of a couple months, and submitted drawings to the city,” Alison told us. However, after waiting months to hear back from the city, it was revealed that the home was designated historical. “In this case,” Green explained, “our original design did not work as we were proposing to tear down most of the house and start from scratch.” Green and her team went back to the drawing board to redesign, keeping the current walls and windows intact.

4 years later, Green’s clients have the home – and kitchen – of their dreams. The kitchen features beautiful mosaic floor patterns, striking wood cabinetry, and an ILVE Majestic 48” Dual Fuel Range in stainless steel with brass trim and decorative scroll feet.

“Each room of the home has unique elements it’s hard to categorize in one style,” Green told us of her design, “We kept the 1920’s Spanish Revival architecture as much as possible, but of course put a modern spin on the interior.” The eclectic yet traditional style of the home is effortlessly carried into the kitchen with the help of the brass details and scroll feet of the ILVE range.

Brass, Green says, is a very popular trend in interior design, “It can be polished or brushed, but lots of brass accents have been popular in plumbing fixtures, accessories, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures.”

While working on the kitchen design Green explains, “Our clients saw the range in a magazine and really liked the look of it – they weren’t afraid of making bold choices.” Her clients never saw the range in person, but simply knew it was the right choice to complete their home.

“When we first met the clients, they had no kids and four dachshunds,” Green says. Now, along with their dachshunds and dream home, they have two sons. By putting a unique modern spin on traditional Spanish Revival architecture, Green and her team at Jackson Design and Remodeling created the perfect home for these California natives.

Thank you Alison Green for sharing your design story with us!