Chef Kurt von Kahle talks Induction Cooking with EuroChef

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.34.05 AMKurt von Kahle, chef and culinary appliance consultant from Kurt’s Kitchen, spoke to EuroChef about one of the hottest technologies for pro chefs – induction cooking. Induction cooking technology was first introduced at the Chicago World Fair in the early 1900s, but hadn’t received much popularity until it was perfected in the year 2000.

Many consumers are unaware of all the great benefits that induction cooking has to offer, so we reached out to Chef Kurt for a Q&A.

Q: Why is induction cooking considered “the hottest new thing” for pro chefs? How could this be applicable for consumers as well?
A: I wouldn’t consider it new for chefs. Many Hotels or off premise small kitchenettes have provided Induction Cooktops for years. In these areas, Ventilation was an issue and in a commercial setting, a fire suppression system was required. Since an Induction top doesn’t produce a heat that can cause fire, it works out well in these environments. Another application is on buffets where the food can be kept in a pan on display simmering over an induction top. This is used in some Whole Food Stores in their prepared food department. In fine dining where there used to be table side flame dishes such as Bananas Foster, the open flame is not allowed anymore so induction has been the go to for safety and consistency.

Q: Do certain recipes work better on induction cooktops than traditional gas or electric ranges? Why?
A: Two of the big selling points for cooktops are High Heat and Low Simmer. Depending on the pan selection, the high heat for searing is exceptional on Induction. Low Simmer can run at a constant instead of a ‘Surging’ effect that typical electric burners provide. Compared to Gas, the cooktop or range top has to offer the highs and lows that are more costly and require more powerful ventilation.

Q: What makes induction a safer choice for consumers?
A: Can’t cause a fire even if you wanted to!

Q: Are induction cooktops still pricey? Are they expensive to fix?
A: Yes but weigh this against a more powerful range top with a great low simmer along with installation of adequate ventilation. Now there are more induction cooktops in the industry, so availability of parts along with training for service people nationally has increased making service less expensive.

Q:For consumers that enjoy wok cooking, how can they get that same even cook they would get with wok rings and round-bottom wok pans?
A: Place a flat bottom wok on the cooktop and cover with a lid for a minute during the heat up period.

Q: Some interviews suggest that the controls and cook settings on induction cooktops can be tricky, do you agree?
A: They are no different than electric glass tops on the market. The biggest issue is for consumers to keep the control area dry, don’t place utensils, towels or hot pans on the the controllers. If your hands are cold, wet or covered with flour or some food it may not allow the controls to see or register your fingers.

Both ILVE and Verona Appliances offer Induction options for consumers. Please visit our links below for more information:

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Be sure to checkout Kurt’s Kitchen website and his YouTube channel, featuring his ILVE videos.

Verona in The New York Times

Verona Appliances was featured in a New York Times Real Estate article entitled Recycled Kitchens, Salvaged Splendor on August 21st, 2015.

The article mentions the Verona Appliance brand, as well as showcases an older model 24″ Verona gas range used in a recycled kitchen project.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.01.20 PM

Verona 24" Gas Range

Verona 24″ Gas Range

To read the full New York Times article, click here.

Verona Introduces New Verona Classic Line

Verona, crafted in Italy but made for the U.S. market, launches a new series of 36” professional ranges with contemporary lines and stunning details that combine the very best of industrial design and cooking performance. Offered in three colors, including stainless steel, matte black and gloss red, the Verona Classic models feature a sleek plinth leg, matching colored control panel, exquisite beveled front plus robust stainless handles and handrail. The elegantly shaped controls add a unique look, and ergonomic feel that is certain to become a trademark of fine cooking. The panel behind the controls is color-matched with the chosen range finish. The ranges are offered in a full line of dual fuel, gas or electric. The dual fuel and gas options are also available with a choice of a double oven.

The ranges are fully equipped with a European convection oven that is easily programmed with the digital clock and timer, delivering the ultimate in professional performance. The multi-function convection oven provides seven cooking modes including three baking modes (Bake, Fan Oven, Convection Bake); three radiant modes (Broil, Convection Broil, Dual Broil) and also a Defrost mode. Convection cooking helps to prepare meals faster, and in less time than a conventional oven.

A full width compartment provides expansive storage capacity while a standard Glide Rack makes cooking large, heavy items almost effortless.

Other Details:Verona Classic

  • Programmable Digital Clock & Timer in the dual fuel
    and electric ranges
  • Multi Function European Convection Oven in the dual
    fuel and electric ranges
  • High Powered Infrared Broiler in the gas range
  • EZ Clean Porcelain Oven Surface
  • Full width storage compartment
  • Plinth legs with a tubular option
  • MSRP starts at $3599

VERONA Professional Ranges offer exclusive culinary features

Verona’s stylish line of pro-style dual fuel, gas, or electric ranges as well as built-in ovens and cooktops add beauty and efficiency to any kitchen. Here are three exclusive culinary features that take cooking to the next level:

VEFSGE 365 NSS cooktop

A better burner design – closer to the grate

Efficient Verona burner heads are mounted close to the cooking surface in order to deliver better heat transfer and more even distribution. Additionally, the high output double and triple ring burners allow for a faster high temperature boil. When lowered, the BTUs allow for an all-around even simmer. These elements utilize less fuel, providing cooking that is both safe and efficient.

True European Convection Ovens

The dual fuel and fully electric ovens are equipped with true European convection. The third fan in the oven pre-heats the air that is circulated in the cavity to achieve consistent temperature. With true convection, multiple dishes can be cooked at once without the fear of flavor transfer, saving time in the kitchen.

Flame Failure Safety Shut Off

For added safety, all Verona ranges have an exclusive Flame Failure Safety system to shut off gas flow in the event that a flame is extinguished. While other ovens may signal an issue with a “clicking noise” – they still emit gas when the flame is out – creating a potentially dangerous situation. In addition, Verona’s durable and heavy-duty triple-pane glass doors keep heat in the oven cavity, while still remaining cool to the touch on the outside to keep families safe from burns.

In addition, Verona professional ranges offer quiet close hinges as well as the only fully electric 36” range on the market.

Verona offers high performance 110V ovens


Verona 24" 110V Wall Oven

Verona 24″ 110V Wall Oven

Verona Appliances offers the only 110-volt electric ovens for consumers who may not have the option of a typical 220-volt oven. The ovens, which come in both 30” and 24” stainless steel options, only require 20 amps of service, yet perform with all of the power needed for professional results.

The ovens feature electronic controls, convection fan and a 350-degree pre-heat in as fast as 16 minutes. The knobs are chrome, making them durable and easy to clean.

The ovens are equipped with eight functional cooking modes including convection bake and broil, traditional bake and broil, and a useful thaw mode. Each preparation option is unique for achieving the perfect dish every time.

The 3-pane heat resistant glass door effectively traps heat inside of the oven and keeps the door safely cool to the touch.

The closed-door broil makes this a perfect option for smaller homes and apartments, avoiding the excess heat that is released into the home during an open door broiler.

Verona 30" 110v Wall Oven

Verona 30″ 110v Wall Oven

The 30” and 24” ovens are ideal for homes and apartments without 220-volt connections. It’s a safety hazard to use higher voltage appliances in 110-volt environments because when these outlets are overloaded, they can damage appliances or even burn down a home. In addition to the wall ovens, Verona offers a 12” 110-volt electric cooktop with a deluxe black ceramic top.


New 36" Gas Cooktop - One of 8 New Cooktops

New 36″ Gas Cooktop – One of 8 New Cooktops

Available immediately, Verona introduces 8 new Gas Cooktops and 3 New Electric Cooktops including a 30″ ceramic top Induction.  As part of our new line up, we will be offering a Gas Designer Series featuring a 42, 36″ 30″ & 24″ with Stainless Steel Surface & Knobs.  We also are introducing 2 new side control gas cooktops in 30″ & 36″. To learn more link to our Verona Cooktop Page here.